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Monstera Albo


This is the Monstera Albo, which is inspired by the Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo Borsigiana' house plant. In these Monsteras, variegation is caused by a lack of chlorophyll in some parts of the leaves, creating a nice visual contrast between white and green.

This reflector is bigger and brighter compared to the other Monstera model and is a sparkling reflector for botanophiles and cyclists alike.

Combining two favorites - plants and cycling - this reflector adds flair while keeping you visible. Its unique name and design celebrate the iconic Monstera Deliciosa, beloved for its holes and splits.

Crafted from reflective faux leather and vinyl, this sturdy, eye-catching reflector attaches easily to bikes, helmets, and bags with its light green paracord. The sparkling finish shines from every angle - day or night.

I was inspired to design the original Monstera after seeing Monstera plants thriving in the wild in Colombia, where locals aptly call them 'Balazo' (bullet wound) for their dramatic natural splits. Even though it’s one of the most common/cliche houseplants, I’ve always thought they were the coolest.

I hope cyclists will enjoy these as a fun way to accessorize while also making themselves more visible to drivers.