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Silver Streak Standard Visto


Meet the Silver Streak Visto – the flippable, fashionable safety triangle that combines vivid neon colors for daytime visibility and silver reflective stripes for unmatched nighttime safety.

24/7 Visibility

- Eye-catching neon colors (orange, pink, red, or yellow) ensure you stand out in daylight
- A bold, ANS11 and EN471 compliant silver reflective stripe for exceptional low-light visibility
- Two-sided reflectivity: flip to reveal a reflective rainbow iridescent pattern

Versatile and Durable

- Reversible design mounts securely on bikes, bags, strollers, and more
- Crafted from premium vinyl and faux leather to withstand tough wear and tear
- Adjustable 10-inch reflective shock cord with black cord lock for a snug fit

Style Meets Safety

- Four vibrant neon color options (red, orange, yellow, pink) to match your personal style
- 5-inch equilateral triangle shape offers a recognizable yield-and-please-don't-hit-me message to drivers
- Sleek, modern design complements your gear while prioritizing your safety